Raze 2 Unblocked

Raze 2 unblocked When we are talking about games of the future, here is one perfect game you can’t afford to miss trying. Raze 2 unblocked is a futuristic shooting masterpiece that has taken online flash games to a whole new level. This game will have you tested on your aiming skills and accuracy in shooting. Best of its kinds with lots of improved features from the sequel raze predecessor.With Raze 2 unblocked you will get to enjoy a game with features two game modes. It has the Campaign mode and the Quick Match mode. Under Quick Match, there…
raze unblocked

Raze Unblocked

About raze unblocked game Raze unblocked was released in June 2014, so today it is the latest version of the popular futuristic shooting game, where the human soldiers are fighting against the Aliens. The game has rather good graphics and very nice gameplay, that’s why I think it is the best edition of the Raze game series. The game has 2 campaigns Human Campaign and Alien campaign. The most interesting thing is that you can start the Alien Campaign until you finish the first one. The levels are good, but some of them too difficult. You should also keep…

Raze 3 Hacked

About Raze 3 Hacked Raze 3 Hacked is a game developed by Addisonr and released in 2011. The game features a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with a distinct arcade feel. It is keyboard and mouse controlled. If you’ve played Unreal Tournament, you’ll feel a lot of similarities here. There are two plot-driven campaigns, each centered around a different in-game faction (one is humans and the other is aliens). The human campaign is meant to be the easier of the two, giving separate levels of difficulty to each campaign. There are also several different general match types, including Deathmatch,…