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Raze 3, the sequel of the popular shooter game series Raze, is not developed for now. Raze is a series of shooter games where you fight either to save the Earth by playing for the human, or fight for the destruction of the Earth by taking the side of the alien. In the games of Raze series, the player is offered a wide range of different weapons and abilities to equip himself, each race having a completely different set of weapons and abilities. Game controls are rather simple: WASD or arrow keys are used to move around and the mouse is used to aim and shoot. Q and E keys are used to cycle through weapons, number keys are used to access the weapons directly. F key is used to access different special abilities. As soon as Raze 3 is released, it will be available on this site.

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Raze 3 unblocked has currently improved its graphics and performance. It has eight different challenging stages. The stages have different maps offering special challenges. Each stage will require different approaches and mechanics to successfully finish the level. You can choose to play on the human race or the alien race. These two races have different playing experiences and a different set of weapons.

Controls of  Game 

In order for you to play the game, you have to use the raze unblocked controls. The following are the controls of the game.

a. To pause, press Esc

b. The Arrow keys are used to move back, forward, left or right.

c. The space bar is used to jump.

d. To pick the previous weapon, press Enter.

e. The mouse is used to aim and shoot the enemy.

f. Key Q and key E are used for cycling your weapons.

g. The number keys are used to pick the weapons directly.

h. Finally, the F key is used to acquire special abilities.

raze 3How to Play Raze 3 unblocked Game

With the controls, you are required to run as fast as possible as you use your weapons to shoot and kill the enemies. Picking up different power ups and weapons will also maximize your chances of winning because you will use them to kill the enemies. With the weapons, you will be able to escape from the enemy fire, traps and dangerous and scary phenomena and prevent them from obstructing you from achieving your goal. Earn your credits by playing a quick match mode. The more enemies you kill, the more credits you get. The earned credits are used to purchase new character skins, apparatus, armaments and abilities.

Instructions of the Game

You ought to start by first choosing the race you want to play for. Save your character in your account by using the login system. Start the game immediately to avoid wasting time and to increase your chances of heading to the next level. In order for you to move to the next level, you will have to do your best to complete the current stages. In the game, you will not be penalized for poor performance. When you have killed your enemies and completed a level, you will be congratulated for your work and be given rewards.


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raze unblocked

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